PES 2017 Team Editor Manager (T.E.M) v2.3 - New Edition by lagun-2

Download Team Editor Manager PES 2017 (T.E.M) v2.3 - New Edition by lagun-2-Team Editor Manager 2017 Forn PES 2017 (T.E.M) v2.3 - New Edition by lagun-2

You need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Edit the file .bin:
- Player.bin
- PlayerAssignement.bin
- Team.bin
- Country.bin
- Tactics.bin
- TacticsFormation.bin

- Reading of all Players in the files
- Name
- Shirt name
- Nationality

- Reading of all Teams in the files
- Name

Teams Transfers
- Transfers players (Also with Drag&Drop Function)
- Search players by name
- Change player's number in team
- Change player's name in team
- Change player's shirt name in team

Drag&Drop Function
- Transfers player between teams
- Transfers player from all player's list
- Remove player in formation
- Move player in formation

Teams Formation
- Change formations (Custom, Offensive and Defensive)
- Change Position of player
- Changing formations quickly by selecting the module
- Change player's position in team with a click
- Change kickers

players + teams [CSV]

Extra Features:
- unzlib/zlib file [PC] - Pes 14/15/16/17

- Check for updates
- info in the case of help
- New design
- Improve tool

- Fix bugs

password = lagun-2 

More news in T.E.M 2017
- the files were almost all decrypted (I hope to post the news as soon as possible)
- Player.bin: at the moment you can not change the statistics and things like that because I'm decrypting WIP
- you can also modify your console database (PS3/XBOX) but not immediately because I'm finishing to convert files WIP
- I am also working to create a large database (stadiums, teams id, players id...) WIP

Credit : Lagun-2

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